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The Research

Students are encouraged to think creatively, but to also structure these thoughts in a meaningful way. They are inspired to create powerful mental images through words, utilising their imagination, their memory, their knowledge and their language. The TMS method sparks curiosity and engages students on an exciting learning journey, making students motivated to learn and do an extra effort.

The TMS method has through experience and research shown to be beneficial to
children in three areas:

Language development

  • Introducing language learning in a safe environment
  • Establishing a big vocabulary
  • Mastering language and enabling creativity in language use

Aesthetic development

  • Mastering a craft and using it creatively, making it easier to master other crafts.
  • Understanding dramaturgy and narratology in a practical way
  • Dealing with personal and collective life experiences through creative expression

Development of personal and social skills

  • Learning to listen, and respect other’s opinion
  • Enabling children to tell their own story, gives them the ability to relate their own life to a cultural history or social situation.
  • This makes them aware of their position in the world, at their own possibility to influence that. Ensuring active citizenship

TMS helps to strenghten students’ general learning abilities. Research points to the following conditions for successful learning,  all of which are supported in the TMS approach:

  • That the student feels that he/she has influence and control over his/her
    situation in school
  • That the student has an experience of contributing meaningfully and expressing oneself creatively in school.
  • That the student feels that the education is like being on an adventure.
  • That the student feels that he/she is a unique person and feels recognized as a part of the social community in school.

From the evaluations we’ve had with teachers through the years, we know that TMS improves the children’s listening skills, rhetoric, stage presence, gives more nuanced language and affects writing skills positively. But more importantly, almost all students surprises positively in engagement.